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The Museum of Toruń Gingerbread

Do przeglądania strony użyj pionowej orientacji ekranu.

Here the history has taste and smell

From June 20, 2015 we are pleased to invite all tourists visiting the Old Town to the new department of the Regional Museum in Toruń - the Museum of Toruń Gingerbread. It is located at 4 Strumykowa Street, in the former 19th century gingerbread factory which belonged to the Weese family and gave rise to the contemporary Confectionery Factory "Kopernik". Building works on the opening of the Museum lasted three years. At that time 1200 square metres were prepared for exhibitions.

How it all began

We are delighted that the opening of the Museum of Toruń Gingerbread takes place exactly 130 years after the moment when in 1885 the factory belonging to Gustaw Weese was built at Strumykowa Street in Toruń. Weese's products were known then all over the world, they were exported to such remote countries as Japan and Australia. The Confectionery Factory "Kopernik" is a direct successor of this tradition. Many of its post-war workers began their career at Weese's factory. Thanks to their involvement and hard work now we can enjoy the taste of Toruńskie Pierniki.

show the history of the factory

Plan of the gingerbread exhibition


In the basement our visitors will be greeted by a virtual stallholder, who will introduce them into the reality of a medieval market stall. Here you can also find the exhibition presenting historic gingerbread moulds and gingerbread ovens, among them the original industrial bakery oven from the Confectionery Factory "Kopernik" which dates back from the 1960s. Thanks to the interactive multimedia visitors will learn how it works. The collection of unique gingerbread moulds used from the 17th to 20th century that are shown in a woodcarver's workshop will tune our guests into the old-time atmosphere.

Ground floor

The ground floor is an unusual place that goes beyond one's expectations about a museum. Everyone who enters the former factory will feel as if they were its workers. Here visitors can participate in gingerbread workshops, during which they will be able to bake their own gingerbread made from original dough and spices. In contrast to other museums, here tasting is a must.

First floor

On the first floor there are the exhibitions displaying the presence of Toruńskie Pierniki in daily life. It will be possible to enter the traditional kitchen where gingerbread was baked and to have a look into the Żuk van, in which in Communist times the famous Toruń delicacy was delivered to shops. Those who are interested can go to a club-cafe arranged in the 1970s style. The exposition will present various types of gingerbread, a unique collection of historical packaging and the production of gingerbread in the former and contemporary factory. 

Another innovation in the exposition is a "virtual wardrobe" which will invite the visitors to the interactive game: they can become a stallholder or the owner of the factory. Apart from this it will be possible to watch a film about the origins of the name of the most famous shape of Toruńskie Pierniki, "Katarzynka", have a look into the factory owner's office, and even talk to him by telephone.

Attractions in the Museum of Toruń Gingerbread

The post-industrial interior of the former factory hosts the exhibition which will acquaint our visitors with various themes. Gingerbread roots - from mould to oven - this part of the exhibition, located in the basement, shows the beginnings of the gingerbread industry in Toruń. A guest will see the gallery of unique gingerbread moulds and will learn how the technology of baking Toruńskie Pierniki has evolved over the centuries. Delicious world of Toruńskie Pierniki - on the ground floor there will be shown the main ingredients of Toruńskie Pierniki dough, especially spices. The baking room will be of great importance in that part of exhibition - this is where visitors, with the help of a guide, will prepare ornamental gingerbread. Toruńskie Pierniki in the living room, kitchen, shop and club - the exhibition on the first floor will show the function of Toruńskie Pierniki in everyday life, how it was advertised, sold and served. Toruńskie Pierniki legends and tales, and Toruńskie Pierniki laboratory - these are next parts of this exposition. European Centre of Gingerbread - this is the place where tourists visiting Toruń will get information not only about Toruń gingerbread, but also about other places associated with its production. Numerous attractions have been prepared for the visitors, such as the film about the origins of the name of the most famous shape of Toruńskie Pierniki, "Katarzynka", the interactive book with recipes (everyone can download a recipe for Toruńskie Pierniki), the projection about the production of Toruńskie Pierniki in the Confectionery Factory "Kopernik" and a meeting with i.a. the previous owner of the factory - Gustav Weese. 


ul. Strumykowa 4 Toruń

We invite you to purchase tickets via the website:

There you can also check the availability of places in the workshop room. Please come to the Museum a few minutes before the scheduled time of the workshop.

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